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Solutions like no one else

We build connections that maintain close, lasting and constant ties that allow us to integrate with our allies and connect deeply with our clients, because we work separately, but we transcend together.

Knowledge and experience

We have extensive knowledge of the local market and understand the needs of our clients.

Collaborative process

We establish solid relationships and channels that allow us to work projects agilely, moving forward as a single team.

Empathy and flexibility

We understand the perspective of our clients and are oriented to design solutions that adapt to their needs.

Constant innovation

Our disruptive vision and great curiosity keeps us constantly searching for knowledge to offer the best technological solutions.

About us

We are specialists in the management of critical processes, offering flexible and innovative responses that provide valuable solutions. With innovative optics, we adapt world-class technology to the local reality of our clients, making it possible for the control of their processes to be reliable and efficient, achieving the operational excellence of your company.

Our purpose

Improve productivity by providing world-class technology solutions.

Our dream

To be a generator of technological development for the sustainable growth of the country.


We are a Peruvian engineering company with more than 22 years of experience consulting, implementing and supervising technological projects in the field of electricity, mining, water and sanitation, telecommunications, among other industries.


The company is born with 3 founding partners: Will Medina, Jorge Rosales y Diógenes Gonzales.



We implemented the first SCADA System for a private company EDE-CAÑETE.

Two important automation projects to state enterprises: Electro Puno (Puno) and Electro Oriente (Iquitos).


First water and sanitation megaproject for Sedapal.

Automation project for Electro Sur Este (Cusco).

First SCADA system for a mining industry: Antamina.

Commercial alliance with Doble Engineering Company (USA).


First automation project implemented abroad for CRE in Bolivia.

Automation of electrical subestations project for CEDELCA in Colombia.

Commercial alliance with Christie Digital (USA).


Automation of electrical subestations for CFE (Federal Electricity Commision) in México.


Implementation of an important SCADA project for Southern Copper.

Commercial alliance with Aclara Technologies (USA).


Automation megaproject for Distriluz Group (Enosa, Ensa, Hidrandina and Electrocentro), that included the integration of 85+ power subestations and put in operation of 4 Control Centers.

Important water and sanitation automation project for the entire City of Moquegua.

Implementation of the first Smart Metering project in the country for Electro Sur Este (Cusco) using TWACS technology.



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We are honest, responsible and respectful in all our actions.
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We're different. We challenge the Status Quo and are passionate about excellence.
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Our commitment goes beyond duty and we consider trust as the basis of any relationship.