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Integrated platform for control, supervision and data acquisition (SCADA), interruption management system (OMS) and distribution management system (DMS), ideal for:

  • Advanced distribution management
  • Provide reliability and efficiency to the electrical network
  • Reduce and minimize downtime
  • Improve the quality of electricity service

Asset Management

The strategic management of critical electrical assets is of vital importance to the electrical and mining industry. Doble Engineering has a specialized system called Doble Arms, which brings decades of knowledge and provides:

  • A clear view of asset status from the comfort of your workstation
  • Consolidated geospatial view with visual clarity
  • Understanding of the condition of assets, criticality and risks

Electrical Automation (HMI / ICCP)

Our solution adapts to the needs of each client and we comply with current regulations, such as the NTIITR (Technical Standard for the Exchange of Information in Real Time) to achieve the availability required by the COES.

Electrical protection relays and ARC FLASH

Our Finnish-sourced ARCTEQ advanced management platform and relays provide ultra-accurate and reliable protection.


We have a complete portfolio that will allow you to implement Electromobility technology in your company.

Measurement Management Platform

Open and flexible platform for point or massive systems, which incorporates analytical and Big Data concepts for the comprehensive management of multiple meter brands, avoiding the use of different software for each meter brand.

  • Allows to enter the mass memory of each meter
  • It has commercial and technical agreements with multiple manufacturers

Meters and Recorders

We have portable and cabinet-mounted solutions for advanced diagnosis of your electrical network.

Modernization of Mini Power Plants

Our solution is ideal for modernizing, automating and integrating non-conventional hydroelectric, thermal and renewable hydroelectric power plants into SCADA and consists of controllers, protection relays, meters and communication equipment.

Protection and Maneuvering Equipment

Our solutions for distribution networks are of high technical range and include equipment for network monitoring, protection of overhead, underground and substation level distribution systems.

Remote Management of Public Lighting

System that allows to perform functions of ignition, cut, dimerization, detection of luminaires in poor condition, among many other functions and all remotely.

  • Uses the same communication platform as the RPMA smart metering system
  • No need to install other antennas within range
  • Save implementation and maintenance costs

Smart Metering System (RPMA)

System for wireless remote measurement using the 2.4GHz radio frequency signal (free) as a means of communication. This platform was designed under the electrical IoT concept since it has the widest range and coverage in the market.

  • Each Access Point allows remote management of up to 20,000 end points
  • Achieve ranges up to 15km
  • Allows managing electrical equipment such as fault indicators, transformer monitors
  • Allows remote management of public lighting

Smart Metering System (TWACS)

Solution for remote measurement using the electrical network itself as a means of communication, installing only one Concentrator in the Power Substation. This system:

  • It is ideal for concentrated (massive) urban areas
  • Saves costs on personnel and transportation
  • Eliminates the need to move to remote places without coverage
  • Allows remote management of equipment such as reclosers or sectionalizers
  • Allows remote management of public lighting

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors allow monitoring and managing Medium Voltage networks. In addition, our software is interoperable with SCADA systems and allows predictive maintenance.

Testing Equipment

We have ideal tools for the diagnosis of electrical conductors and accessories, using VLF technology with tangent delta measurements, location and measurement of partial discharges and equipment for insulating oil analysis.

  • Know the integrity of the conductor in new and operating facilities
  • Optimize fault location time with efficient procedures
  • Our oil analysis equipment meets more than 19 international standards

5.8GHz WAN network

Wireless communication platform that replaces an optical fiber as it does not require high installation and / or maintenance costs. The system is made up of 5.8GHz antennas (free frequency) and controllers at each end point.

  • Complies with IEC61850 protocols
  • It allows to manage at speeds of the order of milliseconds
  • Ideal for controlling Medium Voltage protection equipment
  • It allows to control: reclosers, switches, sectionalizers, capacitor banks
  • Allows integration with 2.4GHz RPMA hubs
  • Achieve a complete and hybrid system for both commercial and operational functions