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Know our technological solutions

Our services contribute to improve the operational management of companies and help users receive a better water distribution service.


We transform the management of water distribution, automating processes in an integral way, with specialized technology in remote control and monitoring through equipment installed in the field.

  • Automation Dashboards
  • Actuators and valves
  • FAT programming, commissioning and testing
  • Field instrumentation and analytics


We execute communications studies to propose the best solution strategy and we have a wide range of equipment to ensure the viability of communications, regardless of adverse geography conditions.

  • Communications study
  • Programming and configuration of switches, radios and routers
  • Telemetry dashboards


Solution that consists of a microturbine installed inside the water pipeline that, together with a direct current hydrocharger, allows generating up to 20W of power to feed from a datalogger to a macro meter.

  • Adaptable to any drinking water network
  • We can access electricity in harsh environments
  • We increase the useful life of equipment in the field

Smart Metering

Our solution allows more accurate consumption data to be taken using smart meters, which directly transmit this information to the main offices, in real time. The benefits are:

  • Contributes to water conservation
  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Facilitates business management

Water Quality Analysis

We have compact equipment specialized in measuring in real time, multiple water quality parameters such as free and residual chlorine, turbidity, Ph, temperature, electro-conductivity.

  • Multiparametric equipment (Ph, turbidity, total chlorine, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring of water quality parameters