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Client: Hidroeléctrica Chaglla
Date: 2020

We implement secondary frequency regulation in Chaglla. The Secondary Regulation is a complementary service promoted by the COES, which allows the generation to be adjusted in order to keep the frequency in the system at its reference value in order to prevent the frequency from going outside the permitted range and thus prevent a much of the population is left without electricity.

The implementation consisted of a bidirectional exchange of information between the ALSTOM SCADA System used by the Generation with the SCADA System in IEC104 protocol. Finally, the SCADA will send and receive the SCADA signals from the COES.

With this implementation, the COES qualifies the Chaglla Hydroelectric Plant as suitable to perform the secondary regulation service. Likewise, the COES will make the payment of the amount of the compensations associated with the Generation units programmed for providing the secondary regulation service.

Stages of the project:

  • Configuration of sending and receiving signals from the SCADA to the SCADA ALSTOM of the CHAGLLA generator.
  • Configuration of sending and receiving signals from SCADA to SCADA from COES through IEC104 protocol.
  • Communication channel switching tests were carried out. With the channels connected, the main channel was disconnected and the restoration of data transfer on the secondary channel was verified.
  • Verification of signals: Reception of analog signals and statuses from the secondary regulation unit, as well as the sending of setpoints.
  • Speed ​​test of loading / unloading socket. Upper and lower generation limits that define the band available for Secondary Regulation of the group (LSR, LIR).