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Client: Electro Sur Este
Location: Cusco, Apurímac and Madre de Dios
Date: 2016

We updated the SCADA system that integrates 14 power substations and more than 200 equipment in the distribution network for 3 regions of Peru: Cusco, Apurímac and Madre de Dios.
Likewise, we implemented the communication system with various technologies: fiber optic, radio link, carrier wave and cellular.

The project implementation comprised the supply, factory testing, shipment, packaging, installation, development and engineering, integration, commissioning and on-site testing of a quadruple redundancy SCADA System.

In addition, a Control Center was implemented at the Electro SUR Este headquarters in Cusco and a Monitoring and Control Station at the Tamburco Substation in Apurímac.

The system was put into operation in 2004 and to date it remains in force with maintenance, support and update services.