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Client: Electro Ucayali
Technology: Aclara
Date: 2018

We carried out the implementation of the first smart metering project with RPMA technology in Peru, which uses 2.4 GHz radio frequency as a means of communication.

The company needed a system that generates lower operating costs and whose concentrator has great coverage capacity to communicate with the meters in the urban area of Pucallpa.

More than 200 measurement points were installed between single-phase and three-phase smart meters, destined for Electrical Distribution Substations and Low Voltage end customers.

The stages of the project were:

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Supply of communications equipment and smart meters
  • Assembly and installation of smart meters in SED's and clients in BT
  • Configuration of communication equipment and meters
  • SAT tests
  • Commissioning of the project
  • Training

With this project, Electro Ucayali obtains the following benefits:

  • Using technology to operate normally in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduces operation and maintenance costs
  • Can reach underground equipment without line of sight
  • Allows communication with other distribution teams
  • Automated remote reading
  • Meter tamper alert
  • Remote meter cut-off and reconnection