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Client: Ende DeOruro
Location: Oruro, Bolivia
Technology: Survalent
Date: 2020

We implemented a SCADA ADMS Survalent system to automate the critical processes of the National Electricity Company of Oruro, in Bolivia.

In addition, we integrated 50 reclosers with GPRS modems using modern architectures for the management of dynamic IPS to the system and we modernized the Control Center with the installation of a 3x2 videowall.

With this, Ende DeOruro improves the quality of service for more than 120 thousand clients, achieves greater reliability of the network and optimizes the operational and commercial management of the company.

Also, as part of the project, we went with the client to Canada to perform factory tests and visit other power companies that have Survalent technology.

Currently, the system has the ability to integrate with other advanced technologies such as OMS, DMS or AMI systems using standard protocols.