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Client: Buenaventura - Tambomayo
Date: 2016

We implemented the redundant SCADA system in the Tambomayo Substation, which has more than 14 medium voltage cells made up of various equipment to control and monitor, such as relays and meters.

It also has an Operation Control Center that allows monitoring, control and analysis of data in real time.

In turn, the redundant SCADA system was implemented in the unattended Talta Substation. Meters and relays were integrated, to then send the most important signals to the Tambomayo Substation, managing to connect the 2 SCADAs through the IEC104 protocol and thus be able to control the Talta Substation from the Tambomayo SCADA.

Finally, status and analog signals are sent from the SCADA to the COES through the ICCP communication protocol.

With this implementation, the Buenaventura Mining Company was able to automate the Tambomayo substations and the Talta unattended substation, reducing the approximately 2-hour transfer time for personnel to the Talta substation and being able to carry out maneuvers remotely. It also complies with the sending of signals to the COES, obtaining an approximate percentage of 100% availability.

The stages of the project were:

  • Implementation of the Tambomayo Substation SCADA system located in the Buenaventura mining camp. Integration of equipment in protocols (IEC61850, MODBUS and ICCP).
  • Implementation of the SCADA system TALTA unattended substation located 1 hour from the mining camp. Integration of equipment in protocols (IEC61850, MODBUS, DNP3 and ICCP).
  • Connection between the 2 SCADA systems through the IEC104 protocol from the TALTA Substation to the Tambomayo Substation, verifying the monitoring of the unattended TALTA substation.
  • Sending signals to the COES through the ICCP protocol of the SCADA of Tambomayo to the SCADA of the COES.