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Client: Minera Santa Luisa
Date: 2019

We carry out the maintenance of the redundant SCADA / ICCP system for the integration of signals from 2 power substations: SE Huallanca Nueva and SE Vizcarra, to comply with the sending of ICCP data to COES in real time. The system was put into operation in 2008 and continues in force until today. Said SCADA system integrates 3 General Electric Model D25 RTUs in DNP3 protocol which integrate signals from SEL 311, SEL 352, SEL 345 protection relays, ION 8500 meters and wired signals from switchyard equipment.

This maintenance service was able to optimize the delivery in ICCP protocol to the COES in order to comply with the NTIITR standard of the COES.

Finally, we installed ARCTEQ protection relays for your feeders and generating sets.