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Client: Southern Copper
Date: 2019

We updated the quadruple redundant SCADA / ICCP system for remote monitoring and control of 10 power substations, in addition to implementing an HMI for local control.

Currently, the system integrates 14 power substations. This system was put into operation since 2013 and continues in force due to the support, maintenance and updating of new modules, SCADA, among others.

Likewise, in 2014 we designed and implemented the ILO 3 Power Systems Control Center, which included:

Video wall system made up of 4 70 ”HD rear projection cubes in 1x4 configuration

-01 controller
-UPS supply
-Electrical points and data
-Office furniture

With this, it will be possible to have an uninterrupted operation 24/7, improve operational management and increase the productivity of the operators.